A Trip with Oglajna the Water Fairy

Gorica pri Slivnici

02:00 h
7 km
 of points

Dear Visitor! My birth name is Aquana, which means water fairy. Later they called me Vogvan'a and Oglajna but nowadays I’m known as Voglajna. Let me tell you a story about the places I’ve been giving life to for millennia.

We will start our trip at the primary school OŠ Slivnica pri Celju, and then head off towards the centre of my hometown Gorica pri Slivnici. Later we will visit the surrounding hills Gradišče and Peseke, where benches and information boards are waiting for us. We will finish our trip by the lake Slivniško jezero. We will take the alpine recreational-learning route to get to our final destination. The route is called “S klopce na klopco”, which means “From Bench to Bench”.

Are you ready to go on this adventure with me? ;-)