About Dobje while walking

Primary school Dobje

03:00 h
4.2 km
 of points

If you would like to learn more about Dobje just go for a walk. You will get to know Dobje's natural, cultural and history sights. The 4.2 km long walk with 160 m of an altitude difference is designed for active learning about home town in 3rd class. It includes 15 observation points of interest.
The walk runs along the meadow, next to the forest, along the road and forest trails. You will get to know municipality of Dobje, its landscape, insitutions, the dialect spoken, folk traditions and a heritage. Points of interest include Primary School Dobje, the Slovene war monument, the stream, the insect house, information on the municipality of Dobje, orientation, the history of education in Dobje, the chapel, the church, the well, other institutions, the Turkish linden, the hunting lodge, singing, the dialect, the story about Guzaj and the birth of Dobje and the Kozjansko homestead. You can do the whole walk or in parts. If, at Kozjansko homestead, you continue the walk further down the asphalt road through the villages Ravno and Brezje you will do the circuit and return to your starting point.