Zreče, the Town of Happiness


01:30 h
4 km
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Below the beautiful green Pohorje lies the small town of Zreče, which attracts mostly tourists.The first name for Zreče appears in the 13th century, as "Reče". Today the Municipality of Zreče has about 6,500 inhabitants. Along the river Dravinja, which runs through the city, there is a large tool factory Unior. Opposite to it lies the church of St. Egidia from the 15th century. In the east is Brinjeva Mountain on which there is arheological sites of the Ilirian people. In the neighborhood of the church st. Marije there was a castle Freudeberg in the past. In Zreče there is a train, which was the last one to take the narrowest railroad in 1963. The Forma Viva Park, which presents many sculptures from iron and steel, is very close to it. Zreče lake was built with the intention to increase the tourist offer of Zreče's spa. Spa is the health resort sports and recreation center Zreče, which started operating in 1978. In Zreče there is a primary school, whose neighbor is a secondary vocational and professional school. They are only connected by the bridge over the Dravinja.