Brancusi's Adventure

Tirgu Jiu

03:00 h
10 km
 of points
In our day to day life we don't always realise how important is each of our seconds. We are sometimes stressed or full of thoughts and we don't live at our full potential. 
We don't focus on living. We live in the past, in the future, but we forget to live.
We want you to "Carpe Diem" and have counscious. We will take you in the land of Constantin Brancusi, the popular artist who did a lot of art works and travelled the world.
A piece of art could take years. But years mean a bunch of thousands of seconds all together. So each second is important. Even if it is the second when he finished his work, when he died, when he first kissed somebody, it was a second full of meaning.
What we mindfulness for yourself and for your life. Each moment is important and anytime you can be gone.
We want you to take a full look at this man's life that was full of stories and adventures, from his beginning to his end, to see how life is and to value your life and to get to be aware of its importance, because you are important and you matter.
A mission full of culture art, life stories, lesson and cool tasks. Good luck and welcome to Brancusi's country.